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Customer References

The collaboration with Safe Consulting has always been very satisfying and widely appreciated by our students over the years. The project management courses held by Ing. Pascucci found great interest and allowed us to strengthen the “transversal” skills of the participants.

Francesca Spigarelli - Delegate of the Rector for Research Policy and Self-Entrepreneurship - University of Macerata

The equipment training course succeeded perfectly. I would like to emphasize the professionalism shown by the teacher. We really all had a very good time with him! He was able to involve us and we also flooded him with a thousand questions to which he answered on time providing us with several practical ideas that we will apply. We can’t wait to take another course!

Valeria Capuzzi - Manager SNAM

Safe Consulting, has helped to spread the safety culture in Thermowatt, allowing us to achieve the goal of zero injuries and the best international standards

Cristiano Zannoni - Operations director thermowatt

Safe Consulting, has provided innovative, engaging and very effective TRAINING services to the CEO, Directors and Workers of Faber.

Carlo Traversari - Head of Health Safety Environment Quality Franke Group

Safe Consulting, in many years of collaboration, has contributed to spreading the safety culture in the Ariston group and to achieving important goals by applying an unconventional but absolutely effective approach and methodology!

Cesare Montazzoli - RSPP Ariston

The professionalism and many years of experience of Safe Consulting has allowed SIA to increase the culture of its managers and technical staff on the main health and safety issues making simple and attractive topics very often complex.

Fabio Moroni - RSPP - Health and Safety Manager SIA S.p.A. Direzione HRO

Americo’s presentation regarding optimising Project Management, Procurement and Expediting activities to accelerate project delivery was interesting & informative and fits very well with the 3GP-SGC project which also is schedule challenged and will require doing business NOT as usual. The fast track project GI&E are about to deliver demonstrates that the strategies to expedite vendors and sub-supplied equipment deliveries. amongst other initiatives have been effective.

Frankly we assumed given the presentation, that Americo would be assigned to 3GP bringing added value in driving the same mitigation strategies already introduced into the GI&E work processes plus other ideas to ensure the successful completion and delivery of all the skids to be shipped to Korea which will be integrated into a module.

As explained during our meeting the 3GP seal gas compressors are on the critical path to first oil (facility start-up) so any delays in delivery will have a direct effect on the start of production.


On behalf of the MET T&S UK, part of Maire Tecnimont S.p.A group, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Safe Consulting for being one of our most trusted regular service providers; in particular, we would like to thank you for the extraordinary work you have done on the supplier qualification process. Safe’s professionalism is reflected in the countless hours Safe dedicates to projects to ensure they are completed smoothly.
Thanks for doing a great job!

Marco Miglietta - Met T&S Director